My custom built home

When my company decided to move me out to Scottsdale, I figured that the raise that I was getting with my promotion would finally allow me and my family to buy the home that we had always wanted.  Rather than buying a home that was already on the market, however, I decided that I wanted to have a home custom built to meet the needs of my family.  In order to do this, I would obviously need to find custom home builders Scottsdale who would be able to listen to me tell them exactly what I wanted so that they could build it for me.  This, of course, involved a little bit of leg work on my part, as I had never worked with a custom builder before and I really did not have any idea what I ought to expect.

I looked at a few custom builders on the internet and saw some of the designs that they had managed to build in the past.  I was able to compare the work of a bunch of different builders in order to get a decent enough idea as to which would be best.  Of course, the real test was whether or not they would be able to turn my dream home into a reality.  I needed someone who would take my instruction and run with it in order to build the home that my family and I had always dreamed of.

Thankfully, I found an excellent custom builder who was not only willing to listen to what I wanted, but was also able to turn it into a reality.  They also ran everything by me before they moved forward with it in order to make sure that I would like the end result, and that was very helpful.